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All of that, though, pales to the one-two punch of Islamophobia and xenophobia perpetrated by Breitbart News, which excitedly reported last week on the discovery of a “Muslim prayer rug found near the border in Arizona.” The “prayer rug” turned out to be an old Adidas soccer jersey, but the story nonetheless got a Drudge link and rattled around the conservative blogosphere as proof that dangerous Muslims were sneaking into America through Mexico.
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Rejecting victimhood: the case for Palestinian resistance | openDemocracy


There is an unfortunate conflation of Jews and Israel. I began a book by David Mamet about Jewish persecution which ought to have been fascinating, but not only was the language verbose, he made this error from the get go. It is clear that the world hates the Jews. That as a people our right to be should be as guaranteed as any other. Our right to a land, at the expense of another people, is arbitrary and violent. Drawing the distinction here between retaliation and resistance is important. So, too, is framing the situation at present in the context of history as a whole. Only by naïvely offering that this incident is isolated can Israel’s campaign receive any legitimization, though even then the power-imbalance is clear. The reality is, though, that the ghettoization of the Palestinian people and the eradication of land that can be said to be Palestine is constant and relentless.

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Steve Liesman Embarrasses Rick Santelli On CNBC

"Rick, it is impossible for you to have been more wrong. … Your call for inflation, the destruction of the dollar, the failure of the US economy to rebound. Rick, it’s impossible for you to have been more wrong. Every single bit of advice you gave would have lost people money, Rick. … There is no piece of advice you’ve given that’s worked." - Steve Liesman to Rick Santelli.

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Female voters in the US have been called “soccer moms” and “security moms”. In 2004, single women were “Sex and the City voters”. Now – because apparently women can’t ever just be “citizens” or “voters”, or more likely because conservatives prefer to call us names instead of delving too deep into women’s issues – we are “Beyoncé voters”. Bow down, bitches.

Most single ladies would generally be thrilled with a comparison to Queen Bey in any way, shape or form, but the cutesy nicknames for politically-engaged women need to stop. Surely pundits and the political media culture can deal with the collective electoral power of the majority voting bloc in this country in some better way than symbolically calling us “sweetheart”, complete with head pat.
Jessica Valenti: Nick-naming women ‘Beyoncé voters’ is exactly why we don’t vote Republican (via guardian)

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People who carry concealed weapons think and act differently than those who do not, primarily based on the fact that they have the weapon. For instance, would the confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin have even taken place if Zimmerman did not have that gun on that night? Would he even have left his car to pursue Trayvon? Not likely, especially if he were fearing for his own safety. Given the events as related by Zimmerman, it seems that having the weapon emboldened him to act in a manner that created the situation where he felt (reasonably, according to the verdict) at risk of serious bodily harm and then justified by law to use that gun to defend himself. The result – a dead teenager who otherwise would have had an uneventful walk home with nothing out of ordinary having happened.

Rcooley123 Trayvon Martin Did Not Have To Die

"Zimmerman with no gun” equals scared racist in his car approaching no one.

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