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With the outsourcing of most traditional manufacturing jobs and the rise of the service economy, in which most people who work stare into a screen all day — whether they work at Target or on Wall Street — has come a set of cultural shifts Scott does not mention. Work and entertainment exist on a continuum with no clear dividing line between the two, and the distinction between producer and consumer has become confused. Indeed, an individual citizen’s most important economic role, in the post-industrial West, is that of a consumer, inhaling goods, products, services and entertainment, as much of that as possible delivered electronically or shipped to your door. (Consumption power has grown even as real income has fallen and inequality has grown, one of the many paradoxes in late capitalism.) Being a producer in the old-fashioned sense comes second if it comes at all. Many of us — myself and A.O. Scott very much included — produce things that aren’t even things, and whose exchange-value and social utility are nebulous at best.
The “death of adulthood” is really just capitalism at work (via azspot)

(via azspot)

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We Were Attacked on 9/11, Not You


This is a follow-up to the millions of people who live outside of the New York area who have the nerve to slam the values, culture, and lifestyle of New York City while having the nerve to use the events of September 11th, 2001 as a reason and cause to advance their own agenda.

Since we…

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